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Friday, October 9, 2009

My favorite childhood memory

I dont have a favorite memory of my childhood. Its not that it was a bad child hood it just that i dont have a favorite memory. sorry!

book jacket for boot camp

The book "Boot Camp" is about a boy named Garrett. Garrett is a boy who is has a deciduous attitude. He doesn't know why he is sent there but he knows that his life was antebellum. Now it is the opposite. Garrett is forced to eat unbareable food and he offtend gets beat up. Garrett gets abstemious and can bearly take it until he hears of an escape plan. Can this plan help him escape, or will irony strick his life again?

Michelle's Bestie!!!!!!!

I have always wanted a sister when i was smaller. I didn't get one at that time, but when this year came along... i did. Shes not a sister by blood, marriage, or an adopted sister, shes just a girl that I met through school and church. She has brown hair " like me" brown eyes "like me" and we both think so much alike that sometimes it gets a little scary. Just recently over the summer, I was going to Orlando, Florida and I really wanted someone to go with me besides my boring parents who don't understand anything, except my mom, she pretty cool. But one Day got this bright idea and asked my mom if she could go with me. So my mom went and talked to her mom, and then that night she texted me and told me that she was going to be able to go. I was so excited that I can't even explain it. After we got everything packed and ready to go, we were on the road. We had such a great time, listening to the radio, singing EVERY song that came on, No joke! We finally arrived!! The first thing we done when we got there was check everything out. It was beautiful, we didn't even want to come back home. But even though we had to, we done the same thing on the way back home... SING! Shana and I have became so close we could practically call ourselves sisters, I'm just glad that it was her! I love ya girl : )

kaitlins free write:)

This week i finished the book called "Boot Camp." I really liked this book because it made me feel like i was Garret. It felt like i was the one that wanted to escape and help my friends. I felt the urge to beat up Adam. It made me realize how lucky i am. This book is full of a roller coaster of emotions and i think thats why i liked it so much.