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We are 6 teenagers reading books for our teacher: Mrs. Mullins. :) We all do our own thing, but enjoy each others company.

Monday, September 28, 2009


zach's weekend!!!!!!

Bland and dull, not really amuch to do around the house except clean and mow the yard. I had to take of our rabbit, Zoe while my lidttle brother was out somewhere with my mom. I just laid around,watched tv and try occupy my time the best i could...


School is like an infrastructure!! It can be very fun and exciting, but it can also be frustrating and boring. Art class is Kaitlin's favorite thing about school. On the other hand, she doesn't like having to do so much homework in all of her classes. Adam's favorite part of school is LUNCH!! He doesn't like his 2ND period teacher, Mr. Rose. Adam thinks that hes weird and that he cant teach. Shana loves her social time, just seeing her friends every day makes her happy. I think that's the only reason that she even comes! Even though she gets to see her friends in her math class, she doesn't like it because its not her strongest subject. Zach likes coming to school to see his old friends, but some people can be morons and he doesn't like that. Michelle's favorite part about school to be with her friends, but some of those people can be very immature and they try to be hubris when they're clearly not funny at all. Autumn says that as the deciduous seasons decide that summers over, the school bell ring is getting closer, but the irony is that summer. Antebellum of no longer friends fresh of missed memories.

adams fabulous weekend

My weekend was a good weeekend. The best thing that happened was that i met Tim Calahan, the author of kentucky summers. I got the second and third book of the seris and then got then signed, personally.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Cave,The Cabin, and The Tattoo Man.

The Cave, The Cabin, and The Tattoo Man is about a young boy named Timmy, that lives in Ohio with his mom and dad. During his summers he goes and lives with his grandparents in Morgan Co. Kentucky. Timmy's Grandparents own a grocery store there. The name of it is Collins Grocery, Timmy meets lots of people. He has a best friend named Suzie, that he has a little crush on.... Things don't always work out with them. Mrs. Robbins is a little old lady that was very nice to Timmy, Mrs. Robbins asked Timmy to help her out around her farm. Timmy was on his way to help out little Mrs. Robbins

Michelle's favorite childhood memory!!!!

I really don't have a favorite childhood memory. But what I enjoyed the most of being a child was being with my mom. She plays a very important part in my life. Whether its helping me out with homework, helping me make good decisions, or just telling me what to do, or what I'm doing wrong. She knows me better than any person ever will. We don't really get to do a lot of things together, but we spend most of are time together. Just recently over the summer i think is when we became the closest, she babysits, and I helped here a lot over the summer, and just in doing that made us really close. Over the past few years of me growing up and mauturing... she has taught me how to be a better person, and always help those who are in need of help. i am so glad that I have a mother like her to love me, and I love her!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers was about this teenage boy who practically grew up without a home. His father was out of a job and he didn't have any money to take care of his family. Until he remember that he had an old friend from school who lived kinda close. So here it was Christmas Eve and he was showing up at his friends house starved and without a home. So they took his son named Clay. Clay and their son named Joey became best friends. They spit into a bottle and called themselves "blood brothers". Clay had gotten himself a job at the hospital. He said that it felt like where he belonged. Until one evening after work, AND EVERYTHING HAPPENED!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Autumns bein' spotlightedddd!

If I were a color, I would be green. I would be green because It's my favorite color, and people depends on green; such as money and trees. Trees also turn orange in the fall, which is my third favorite colorrrr! :)

What color Adam wants to be...

I would be red because red can be a lot of different emotions, like mad, happy, and everything else. So i would be RED!!!!

The Last Holiday!!!!

In the movie the last holiday the woman named Georgia finds out that she is going to die within about 3 weeks. Now she is looking back saying she should have done what she didnt before. She is starting to realize that she has spent her whole life missing out on what life could be instead of living it. Now she is starting to stick up for herself and make changes before she is "suppose" to die.