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We are 6 teenagers reading books for our teacher: Mrs. Mullins. :) We all do our own thing, but enjoy each others company.

Monday, February 22, 2010

what kaitlin does on her snow days

1. sleep really late

2. snowboard

3. ride the fourwheeler

4. do donuts on the fourwheeler

5. hang out with friends

6. hang out with family

7. make snow cream

8. take pictures of the snow

9. eat

10. facebook

What i do during my day off of school.

  1. i wake up

  2. eat

  3. try to wake up more

  4. play with my cat

  5. get on the internet

  6. play with my cat more

  7. play playstation

  8. take a shower

  9. eat

  10. play with my cat

  11. play some more playstation

  12. get on the internet

  13. let the dog out

  14. clean a little

  15. play with my cat

Monday, February 1, 2010

vocabulary quiz cycle 12

fill in the blanks for the right definition for cycle 12 words.

1.)__________- a person that comes in and removes things that are not suitable

2.)__________-to show obsequious deference

3.)__________-a dictionary

4.)__________-to take possesion without legal claim

Book Jacket for Five Chimneys by: Olga Lengyel

This book is very graphic and detailed about Olga. It is one of the most horrifying stories of all time. It is a day-to-day record of a woman who survived the nightmare of Auschwitz and Birkenau. It's very shocking and revealing. The guys in this book are very facetious. They are also Chicanery, trying to be funny and inapropiate. Their infrastructure has been crushed and they believe all people who aren't nazi are worse than dirt, so they treat them that way. In this book you learn that they are churlish people who care of nothing other than themselves.