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We are 6 teenagers reading books for our teacher: Mrs. Mullins. :) We all do our own thing, but enjoy each others company.

Monday, December 7, 2009

kaitlins lit. circle book

So far for my lit. circle books i have been reading the harry potter books. Its about a boy that had his parents murdered just when he was a baby. Harry had to grow up with his aunt that is completely opposite of his mother. Harry spends years with them until he gets to the age of twelve, when he finds his world is completly different. One of his old friends comes to get him to take him to a magical school for wizards. Harry finds out he is a wizard and famous! A mystery lies behind who is he? why did he survive in the murding of his parents? This book is full of lessons and learning about who your are.

The sights, cheer and smells of christmas

Christmas... As I sit by the fire, I see the pretty christmas light shining from the tree and other houses through the window, hearing the fire crackel and pop. I taste the hot chocolate burning my toungh and smell the cinnamon from all of the christmas decorations and the warm chocolate chip cookies just being pulled out of the oven oozing with chocolate! I hear the cries of little kids talking about Santa Claus and what they are wanting for christmas and the rumble of all the adults talking about how they are going to find all of the toys that their kids are wanting and how to make them happy!

Adams dreams

When i grow up i want to go to go to collage for two things first i want to go to school to be an image consultant and use that to pay the way for collage for opening a business. then i want to open a clothing store, 3 actually the first in Los Angelas and the second in Miami, the third in a different country.