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Monday, February 22, 2010

what kaitlin does on her snow days

1. sleep really late

2. snowboard

3. ride the fourwheeler

4. do donuts on the fourwheeler

5. hang out with friends

6. hang out with family

7. make snow cream

8. take pictures of the snow

9. eat

10. facebook

What i do during my day off of school.

  1. i wake up

  2. eat

  3. try to wake up more

  4. play with my cat

  5. get on the internet

  6. play with my cat more

  7. play playstation

  8. take a shower

  9. eat

  10. play with my cat

  11. play some more playstation

  12. get on the internet

  13. let the dog out

  14. clean a little

  15. play with my cat

Monday, February 1, 2010

vocabulary quiz cycle 12

fill in the blanks for the right definition for cycle 12 words.

1.)__________- a person that comes in and removes things that are not suitable

2.)__________-to show obsequious deference

3.)__________-a dictionary

4.)__________-to take possesion without legal claim

Book Jacket for Five Chimneys by: Olga Lengyel

This book is very graphic and detailed about Olga. It is one of the most horrifying stories of all time. It is a day-to-day record of a woman who survived the nightmare of Auschwitz and Birkenau. It's very shocking and revealing. The guys in this book are very facetious. They are also Chicanery, trying to be funny and inapropiate. Their infrastructure has been crushed and they believe all people who aren't nazi are worse than dirt, so they treat them that way. In this book you learn that they are churlish people who care of nothing other than themselves.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I... Am... poem By: THAT1GUY

I am thy ghost and I am the daydreamer...
I wonder, the possibilities...
I hear... everything...
I see the truth...
I want to loosen thy doubts...
I am thy ghost and I am the daydreamer...

I pretend to dream...
I feel the chains...
I touch the lock...
I worry what could be...
I cry of alls end...
I am thy ghost and I am the daydreamer...

I understand thy fears...
I say thy earthly sins...
I dream... what should be...
I try to succeed...
I hope to succeed...
I am thy ghost and I am the daydreamer...

I am tall and loud

I wonder aboout the troubles of the world

I hear k-love playing in my head

I see pictures of my sister and me

I want food

I am tall and loud

I pretend to dance

I feel strongly about my God

I touch my lords hand daily

I worry about my family

I cry when i am upset

I am tall and loud

I understand where I came from

I say i love the Lord God Almighty

I dream about the day to come

I try to keep my life on track

I hope the world gets better

I am tall and loud

Michelle is...

I am fun and athletic

I wonder about others pain

I hear the voice of truth

I see happiness

I want all of the hatred to disapear

I am fun and athletic

I pretend I am in a fairytale

I feel happy around my friends and family

I tough the hand of God

I worry about what I am going to worry about

I cry when I am frustrated

I am fun and athletic

I understand shana

I say I love my God

I dream about my future

I try to help others in need

I hope for a great life

I am fun and athletic

Adam's I am poem, by ME!!!!!!!

I am nice and quarky

I wonder how we were created

I hear Lady gaga


I want to own a clothing store

I am nice and quarky

I pretend to be cool

I feel warmth

I touch th controller to my PS3

I worry about war

I cry when my pets go away

I am nice and quarky

I understand global warming

I say no to PROP 8

I dream of people

I try to good in math

I hope to make it at life

I am nice and quarky
P.S red is my favorite color and i am interested in fashion.

i am poem, by kaitlin

I am unique and fun
I wonder about the future
I hear the sounds of summer
I see the sun setting in a field
I want to have more free time
I am unique and fun

I pretend to be normal at times
I feel open but yet reserved
I touch fresh rolled hay bales

I worry that I will hold back in life
I cry when I am overwhelmed
I am unique and fun
I understand that its better not to dwell in the psat
I say that God is real
I dream that I can fly

I try to be the best that I can be
I hope time slows down
I am unique and fun

Monday, January 4, 2010

Michelle's Holiday disaster!

It all began on the last day of school... The day was great, but yet sad when you think of it because im going to miss all of my friends. But it was all going good until i got home that night, when I was texting my boyfriend and then out of the blue, he said we can't continue our relationship. I was heartbroken and didnt understand why all of this was happening. It ruint my whole christmas and I took everything pretty hard. Eventhough I didn't feel like it, my grandparents took me to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to spend some time with me. We had a good time shopping, going to shows, and just spemding time with each other. Until, I had to come home and go back to school and it was all over with.

What adam got for christmas

For christmas i got new clothes and i got some gift cards for my ipod, but the big thing i got was my BRAND NEW PLAYSTATION 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it i layed in bed all day and played my mom was so mad but i didnt care. lol

look me in the eye, journal by kaitlin

"Look me in the eye", is about a boy named John Elder growing up with asperger's, a type of autism. John struggles with fitting in and making friends. His behavior is different from others and he doesnt understand why. This book is about finding yourself. It has a bit of humor and then other parts are sad. John Elder wrote this autobiography to tell what it is like to be in his shoes. I think it is touching and it helps us to understand what autism is like.