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Monday, January 4, 2010

Michelle's Holiday disaster!

It all began on the last day of school... The day was great, but yet sad when you think of it because im going to miss all of my friends. But it was all going good until i got home that night, when I was texting my boyfriend and then out of the blue, he said we can't continue our relationship. I was heartbroken and didnt understand why all of this was happening. It ruint my whole christmas and I took everything pretty hard. Eventhough I didn't feel like it, my grandparents took me to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to spend some time with me. We had a good time shopping, going to shows, and just spemding time with each other. Until, I had to come home and go back to school and it was all over with.


  1. These things happen. Boys are stupid, and that's something you'll learn as you grow.