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Monday, November 2, 2009

shana's bestie(:

my bestie....ohh were do I even start??? My bestie or Best Friend is Michelle Claye Toy!!! She is one of the best things that ever happened to me... She is an only cild and i know that she gets bored with that because she doesn't have anyone to blame anything on we she does wrong, or play and talk with, but yet at times she loves it, because she gets to be SPOILED!!! Her mom babysits kids so she is never in the house alone without kids... This past year my freshmen year i had a big cahnge... I became Michelle's best friend. We have become so close that its unreal. We are exactly alike we love the same things and say the same things..at the same time. Over the summer her family invited me to go with them to Florida... AAHHH its was the first time that i ever got the chance to see a beach palm trees or the Ocean!!! I had a blast and she did too.. she is already making plans to go again!!! I love Michelle. A person that GREAT only comes around once in a lifetime... don't let them pass by because you will miss everything.. If you ever need a person to talk to you after a tragic break up or a fight Michelle will be there i know..

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