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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hi! this is Michelle and Shana. Michelle and I are in Mrs. Mullins'4Th period Ac. English 2 class. In our first month back we have realized that we have a great teacher. She is so much fun. We love her so very much. we have a lit circle that we do every 2 to 3 days a week. Which is where we get together as a group and read 1 book and discuss what the books are about. But as we have been in the process of reading these books, some of our books have been taken under revision to be challenged. We as a group feel that it is wrong for our books to be challenged. We feel that we are old and mature enough to make our own decision, including what we read. If there was something wrong with the books, we have the decision to switch it with another book. Our teacher knows what is best for her students and would not hand out inappropriate books.

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  1. Ok. Love the topic. Love the content. But, you need to look back over your editorial packet to see the gaps in your formatting. I don't see the first, second, or fourth parts of the editorial. All I see is the complaint. Remember, empty complaining gets you nowhere. The first part: who you are and why you're writing. The second part: the background of the situation. The fourth part: come up with a plan to help your administrator fight this.

    Can you fix it? I'll readjust your grade when you do. :)